Goldfields Hospice History

Goldfields Hospice was the brainchild of Sister Val Bekker. Her best friend died of cancer and she was in emotional and physical pain. In those days nobody talked about the big “C” and pain was something one simply had to put up with if cancer was the cause of pain.

Val decided that nobody had to die with pain and so alone she took action. In October 1987, with the help of some volunteers who believed in the cause of Hospice, they set up meetings and released press material to enlighten the public about Hospice and what it can and wants to do for the terminally ill in the local community. All this was done from a private home.

The first official meeting was held on the 1st of December 1987. Flamingo Rotary got involved during this time and at a pre-Christmas luncheon a donation was presented to the newly formed committee of the Goldfields Hospice “to be”. Early in 1988 we were on our way.

Today we are providing home based care to more or less 350 patients and their families. Hospice cares for patients with advanced progressive illnesses which includes HIV/Aids, cancer or any life-threatening illness. – looking after body, mind and spirit. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual and social holistic care of patients and family.

We assist patients with pain and symptom management so they can have a better quality of life. We support the families after death during the bereavement period.

Because of Hospice’s involvement after death, Hospices have taken on an enormous responsibility of orphans and vulnerable children as many parents die leaving them destitute. We serve the Goldfields area. Its focus is to add life to days rather than days to life. We have approximately 40 staff members. We have three day care centres where 30 little preschool children come for love, stimulation and meals. These children are either infected or affected by HIV/Aids and many of them are orphans.

These children regardless of their own circumstances, either infected or affected by a terminal disease, they are still willing to live life to the fullest, laugh out loud and always ready to offer a hug. It is hard to describe the joy, the love and the self-worth little children bring into one’s life.

Our Credentials

  1. NPO Registration (006-950 NPO).
  2. VAT Registered 4510131081
  3. Tax Exempted {Section 18 (A).
  4. Registered Member Hospice of the Hospice Palliative Care Association of SA (HPCA).
  5. 5 Star status obtained from HPCA - first Hospice in the Free State.
  6. Accredited with Council for Health Services - Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA).

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